Fairy tale horror game Before the Night comes to the Nintendo Switch

Before the Night

Twisted fairy tale Before the Night is now available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch.

Before the Night is available on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

New Nintendo Switch™ version of 2D horror action game Before the Night comes to the globe on Thursday, September 28th!
– To celebrate its global release, the game is on a 10% sale until October 11th
– New trailer and Nintendo Switch™ demo receiving great reviews, raising the hype
– New information about important characters and in-game objects released!

Global game publisher CFK (headed by Chang-sig Koo) is proud to announce today (9/28) that it is releasing the new Nintendo Switch™ version of 2D horror action game Before The Night to the globe.

Before the Night, developed by solo Korean indie game developer Uneducated Game Studio, tells the story of a pet human fighting to survive in a world where human and animal roles have been reversed. Players must navigate the threats packed into this world where master is now pet and adventure to uncover the truths buried within the animal village.

Before the Night has been rated “Very Positive” since its release on Steam in July of 2022, proving the strength of its gameplay, and is now coming to the Nintendo Switch™ so that more gamers can experience all the fun packed within.

To get ready for the release, CFK has shared an official trailer for the Nintendo Switch™ version of Before the Night, opened pre-sales, and provided a playable demo for the game, all to raise the hype for the game. Specifically, with the release of the demo for Before the Night on Nintendo Switch™, the game has been getting even more rave reviews from players and content creators alike for its unique subject matter and fun gameplay.



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