New World’s Latest Patch is Out, But is it Too Late?

New World

Amazon Games has finally addressed the game-breaking bugs in New World, but were they too late to make amends?

New World is a great and addicting MMO, but these days, many of the players are ignoring the game’s actual objectives in exchange for chasing down New World coins and gold duping exploits and bugs. Either that, or they’re being badly affected by it.

Just recently though, Amazon Games has finally put out the 1.0.5 Update together with an in-depth explanation on the official forum of New World. The post went over a lot of the main problems, as well as the next steps that they plan to take. It looks like things are looking a bit better for New World, but is it too late? Especially since we’ve already seen an influx of over 500,000 players leaving servers in just a month.


We’re going to give credit where credit is due. Amazon Games went to work pretty darn quick when it came to cracking down on the problems of the New World coins/gold exploit, and getting these patches out. Although they sort of have to be, given the gravity of the situation, and how much is currently wrong in the game.

The 1.0.5 Update has finally dropped, and the patch notes detail a lot of changes and fixes to common problems. You can freely read the entire thing over on New World’s official website and forum, but here are some of the highlights.


Clamping Down on RMT

A whole bunch of changes was made to try to combat RMT and gold sellers that are constantly spamming the chat in games. There are already a bunch that were reported, but the constant attacks of ultra-long messages are extremely annoying for players that just want to talk to other players and play the game.

Amazon Games has restricted currency transfers for New World accounts that are under level 10, and that are less than 72 hours old. This should now make it more difficult for the RMT shills to organize their wares, since the moves should cover many of the bots lurking around New World.

Amazon Games are also making it so you don’t get as much gold, despite only being in the early parts of the game. You will get more gold later, though. This is just so that the early bot characters will be able to acquire less gold easily.

As such, the coin rewards from some early quests have been redistributed down the line. Amazon has stated that they’ll continue to monitor the impact this has on the bots and the health of the game, making adjustments when the need calls for it.


Nerfing the cost of Respec

The update also resulted in the slashing the amount it costs to respec your character in New World. The attribute respec coin cost has been reduced by 60%, while the weapon mastery respec that uses Azoth has been reduced to 75%. The chisel coin cost, on the other hand, has been reduced to 20-50%, depending on the tier.


A Plummet on New World’s Player Count

New World had a huge debut, raking in over more than 900,00 active players when it was first released at the end of September. It was the honeymoon phase for the MMO, and Amazon Games was no doubt joyous about the fact that a lot of gamers were interested in playing their game.

Soon after however, players began leaving in large numbers, no thanks to the game exploits that have been found (which are now being addressed). Although New World had a strong start, and became one of the most played games on Steam for a while, the numbers have since plummeted.

Based on New World’s Steam Charts, the player count was just hovering over 300,000, and has been on a decline throughout October. Another possibility of the decline of players in the New World might be because of Amazon Games’ other project, Lost Ark.

Amazon Games announced just earlier this year that they’ll be publishing the Korean MMO, Lost Ark, worldwide. The beta just launched recently, and the game’s already hit Steam; topping over favorites such as Dead by Daylight and Destiny 2. Lost Ark looks to be the “Flavor of the Month” for November, so it makes sense that the audience for New World might transfer over to the other MMO.

Could Amazon Games Gain Those Numbers Back?

We’re not entirely sure as to whether or not New World can still attain those numbers that they had back then in September, but it’s not too late for them to keep the remaining players active on the MMO.

With the latest update already out and able to tackle the main issues such as the New World coins/gold dupe exploit, or that fairly atrocious mass report exploit; there might just be hope that some of the other players might make a return soon, considering everything that has been fixed.

What do you think about the latest patch update for New World? Let us know down below!

New World is available on Windows PC via Steam. In case you missed it, you can find our preview here, and can expect our review soon.

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