Dokapon Kingdom Connect is censored in Japan and the west

Dokapon Kingdom

Dokapon Kingdom Connect has been confirmed to be censored in both Japan and the west after fans got their hands on the recent release.

As previously reported, fans speculated that Dokapon Kingdom Connect might be censored between regions. It seems however, that players between countries are being given the exact same experience; just not in the way that anyone had hoped for.

The revelation that the Japanese version was being censored was particularly surprising, as the trailers released earlier this year showed visible differences. This includes a different outfit for a shopkeeper and some of the character classes.

But according to an e-mail publicized by YouTuber Censored Gaming, Idea Factory International explained that they were simply localizing the official Japanese release. This is consistent with the company’s prior statement where they claimed they only plan to release games in the west without censoring.

Japanese ratings board CERO has grown increasingly strict in recent years, leading to remakes of a handful of games being censored in Japan and subsequently in their western release. For example, the original and uncensored Dokapon Kingdom received a CERO A (All Ages) rating when it released in 2007. Meanwhile this remake is a CERO B (12+) despite being censored.

Dokapon Kingdom Connect is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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