Dokapon Kingdom: Connect appears to be censored in its western release

Dokapon Kingdom

The upcoming boardgame-meets-rpg party game Dokapon Kingdom: Connect appears to be censored in more ways than one, especially in its western localization.

Firstly, Japan’s video game ratings board CERO has strengthened their criteria for certain classifications. However, the upcoming game is a remake of the 2007 PS2 title Dokapon Kingdom. This mean’s to keep the family-friendly rating Dokapon Kingdom: Connect wants, they had to add clothing to the female Warrior and Acrobat.

Both characters were given tights to cover their thighs, and the Acrobat got an extra skintight mesh around her top. These changes appear to be true in all versions of the game.

However fans noticed one change that was different between the English and Japanese trailers. In the English version, one of the game’s shopkeepers has been given an outfit that covers her midriff and chest whereas its left uncensored in the Japanese version. You can see the comparison below.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is coming west sometime this spring in North America and Europe. A physical release for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is also planned, and preorders are now available on the Idea Factory online store.

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