Disgaea 6 Shows off New Character Classes, Hololive DLC Free on Western Launch

Disgaea 6

NIS America have detailed some of the new classes coming to Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, along with confirming the Hololive DLC will be free.

As previously reported, the Netherworlds across the multiverse are being destroyed by the God of Destruction; a being that appears without rhyme or reason and devastates all in its wake. Yet, a young zombie boy called Zed waltzes into the Darkest Assembly, and claims to have defeated it. While Overlord Ivar doubts his capabilities, the secret may lie in Super Reincarnation.

The new trailer goes into a little more depth about some of the new classes, along with showing their moves in action. The Evil Eye seems to be a heavy hitter, with magic eyes in her hooves and able to charge into foes. The giant potential ally crab Pincer Shell has a rock-hard defense.

The Mecha Girl is able to transform and blast away foes with lasers, while the Psychic that can identify enemy weaknesses. As with past games, all of these classes are potential enemies, and players can create their own.

The western launch will also see free DLC; several Hololive characters taking the forms of unique tweaks on the classes. Bolstering players initial forces are Tsunomaki Watame (Evil Eye), Rushia Uruha (Succubus), Fubuki Shirakami (Prinny), Flare Shiranui (Psychic), and Polka Omaru (Mage).

You can find the New Characters trailer below.

In case you missed it, we looked into claims if the game would be censored in the west; mainly due to the suspicious omission of a busty female character- Melodia- from an English trailer. While our findings based purely on the information available provided no concrete answer, strong arguments could be made for at least that character’s cleavage being censored.

later trailer showed character art of Melodia, but with a blur over her chest. While it seemed all but confirmed that at least that character was censored, the then latest English trailer shows Melodia with her character art and in-game model unaltered, with deep cleavage intact.

Images of the Evil Eye class on the official website was one of the reasons we proposed the game may not be censored. Seeing the English trailer, no attempt has been made to cover what is essentially a bra and freely hanging breasts. They even seem to swing slightly during its Mad Slam attack. The cloth “sling bikini” under the Succubus’ corset is also present in the Japanese version of the game.

While texture-altering censorship has occurred in many different games in the past (changing bare skin to clothing or fur), model alternations are also not unheard of. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny launches in the west June 29th on Nintendo Switch. The game is available in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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