Crowsworn delays launch and celebrates 2 year Kickstarter anniverasary


Hollow Knight-inspired game Crowsworn is celebrating its second anniversary since launching its Kickstarter campaign, but will unfortunately not make it to the planned release date.

The project will be delayed from its initial December release date to an unannounced date with no specification for when it will launch.

You can read the anniversary and delay announcements below:

We also posted our last update so anyone could publicly view it (as in, more can view it than just Backers of the Kickstarter campaign); one thing of note – that we’ve commented on in updates but not too much otherwise – was that due to the Kickstarter success, more care and effort will consequently be put into making Crowsworn the best as it can be (in contrast to if the campaign had only hit the initial funding goal).

Here is a snippet from Tuesday’s update:
“In some of the previous updates we discussed that the game is going to be taking longer to finish than the initially planned for December 2023 release date. We shed some light on the reasons for this in the previous updates, but for posterity we’ll discuss it again.

The delayed release is primarily a result of raising more than 10x the amount of funds we had initially planned for. This basically means need to make a game that is 10x bigger / better than what we initially planned for.”

Don’t get hung up on the “10x” term in a literal sense; essentially, the team wants to make sure that Crowsworn rises to meet the now larger expectations of our supporters, so we’re going to take our time and make it as great as it can be, rather than try to meet the original estimated fulfillment date.

Cheers everyone!

It is extremely common for developers to undershoot their release date, since every game ends up taking way more time and money than initially planned. So while it is disappointing we won’t see Crowsworn before 2024, it is also completely understandable.

Crowsworn has no release date yet, but will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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