Blue Archive banner 9/5-9/19 should you pull?

Koyuki Blue Archive

We’re nearing the end of the big Chroma story arc in Blue Archive so of course Shiroko makes a return in the latest banner. Alongside her is Millennium’s mischievous bunny Koyuki!

Only one new student and an OG 3-star unit makes for a nice break from the recent banners with two new students or 3-4 returning banners. So with a big role like being the villainess of the Bunny Chasers on Board event, you’d expect Koyuki to be flashy and powerful right? Well let’s see if she’s worth pulling for.

Kurosaki Koyuki

Koyuki Blue Archive Stats

Koyuki is flashy and fun, her EX-Ability throws a bomb that does a random amount of damage depending on what type of bomb is thrown. Bullet is the strongest, Electrical is the middle, and Bomb is the weakest.

She gives herself a passive attack buff every time she uses her EX-Ability and has a strong Basic Skill that makes her a semi-decent auto attacking Mystic dealer.

However she’s outclassed as an auto attacking student by both normal Izuna and Swimsuit Izuna and outclassed as a burst caster by students like Haruna and Wakamo.

According to some fans, Koyuki’s mediocre mix of both makes her a surprise pick for PvP; which is believable since her Basic Skill allows her to chunk Tsubaki with Mystic damage while also splashing onto enemy damage dealers.

Sunaookami Shiroko

Shiroko Blue Archive

Shiroko is the de facto “main character” of Blue Archive. She’s cute and has a big role in the story (no spoilers here!) but she’s like Mario in Mario Kart. She’s the main character but she’s just kind of… there.

She’s an Explosive damage unit with a cheap but middling damage EX-Ability. She’s basically just a fill unit if you don’t have many Explosive damage dealers, or maybe she brings up a 2nd or 3rd team for Joint Firing Drills.

Most importantly though, she’s FARMABLE meaning you can grind out her Eleph by doing certain hard mode missions. This can take a pretty long time but it’s basically free for what’s overall a skippable student.

Should I Pull?

Koyuki is cute and definitely has some waifu points, same for Shiroko but frankly that’s all they have going for them. You could maybe pull for Koyuki if you’re a mega-whale and have over 100,000 Pyroxenes and really want to be a completionist. She could also shake up the PvP meta, but at the end of the day she’s an unknown variable that’s likely not worth the cost.

To sum it up: Don’t pull, neither student is particularly great and there’s a few decent banners coming up (then again that’s always the case isn’t it). This isn’t one of them.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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