Blue Archive: Bunny Chasers on Board event is back

Blue Archive Bunny Chasers On Board

Blue Archive has announced that they’re doing a rerun of their “Bunny Chasers on Board” event from last year.

In addition to the same benefits of last year’s event, Blue Archive is also introducing Akane (Bunny ver.) to round out the entire C&C maid team as bunny girls!

The C&C (Cleaning & Clearing) task force of the Millenium Science School might dress like maids, but they’re actually the school’s covert operations unit. When the infamous delinquent known as White Rabbit escapes onto a cruise ship, the maids have to dress to fit in while tracking her down.

While Akane (Bunny ver.) will be joining the normal gacha pool after her banner, this is a second chance to get Neru (Bunny ver.). Bunny Neru is a “limited” unit that can only be acquired during the event as limited students don’t enter the gacha pool outside of their banners.

Unlike most events, Bunny Chasers on Board missions take place on tactical maps like primary missions. Players will have to clear multiple fights in each mission and can pick a prize to buff or debuff, reflecting the casino-like atmosphere of the event.

Throughout the event, players will receive tokens which can be used to get more growth materials than usual, as well as some unique prizes like Eleph to level up event-related students like Karin.

Blue Archive began releasing in the west back in 2021 and was the subject of criticism for the censoring of a CG during their second story arc. Nexon apologized afterwards, explaining that it wasn’t their decision and was due to external requests they had “no choice” but to respond to.

However the company has made tangible progress in earning back the good will of its English speaking players. In the months since Nexon has made attempts to be transparent with their players, as well as made the choice to split the game into an all-ages and mature version.

You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we recommend it!)



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