Blue Archive banner 9/19-9/26 should you pull?

Shiroko Cycling Blue Archive

Okay, things have calmed down for real in Blue Archive. The big story arc event is over, and we’re finally getting a banner with no new or Limited students.

Now back to our regularly scheduled waifu-rolling. This time we’ve got Shiroko (Cycling), Hanako, and Azusa.

Are any of them worth pulling for?

Sunaookami Shiroko (Cycling)

Shiroko Cycling Blue Archive

It’s Shiroko! The de facto main character of Blue Archive is back in a different costume. This time wearing a cycling outfit to explore Kivotos.

Shiroko (Cycling) has an EX ability that does Mystic damage in a circular area and afflicts anyone hit with a huge ATK debuff. Frankly, her EX ability is mediocre but it’s nice that her passive lets her do bonus damage to targets with status ailments. Overall she’s not very important meta-wise but can be a good AoE Mystic dealer for normal missions, or round out a team for Blue raids if you’re desperate.

Urawa Hanako

Urawa Hanako Blue Archive

Hanako is a support unit that heals by placing down a zone which heals allies standing in it. In a game where you don’t often control movement, this leaves her in a weird position as being a generally worse (but situationally better) Hanae.

Her Normal Skill is pretty nice though, it gives a DEF buff to the ally with the lowest HP which is frequently the character that needs it most.

Shirasu Azusa

Azusa Blue Archive

I’ve mentioned Azusa a lot, especially in Red Raids because frankly. She’s one of the best single target Explosive damage dealers in the game. Her EX ability does MASSIVE single target damage, her Normal Skill applies a DEF debuff, and her sub skill gives her bonus damage to targets with Status Ailments.

Frankly speaking every player should have her.

Should I Pull?

I won’t waste your time with preamble here.


Shiroko is mediocre, Hanako is unfortunately worse, meanwhile Azusa is absolutely fantastic. We’ve got a genuine mixed bag here, but here’s the thing.

Hanako and Azusa are free.

It’s true! Hanako and Azusa can be purchased over time using Eleph acquired from the Total Assault shop. So truthfully, the only relevant banner here is Shiroko (Cycling), and she’s just alright, but not worth spending Pyroxenes on in my opinion.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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