Blue Archive banner 8/11-8/22 should you pull?

Sakurako Blue Archive

Things are cooling down on Blue Archive. We got Mika, we had a fun banner with some free pulls. Now we’ve just got a typical student release.

To coincide with that release, we’ve also got a rerun of The Clumsy Sister and the Magician of the Old Library event. The game’s newest student Sakurako is the leader of Trinity’s Sisterhood and has a role in the event’s story.

So we’ve got Sakurako herself, as well as the old event characters Ui and Hinata. Are any of them worth rolling for?

Utazumi Sakurako

Sakurako Blue Archive

Sakurako is yet another Blue damage dealer with a Focus Fire ability, putting her in the same category as Izuna (Swimsuit) and Noa. When it comes to filling this role, she outclasses Noa but comes short of Izuna, her other abilities increase her attack speed in order to better capitalize on her EX and Sub skill. According to JP players, she has a niche use in Goz raids, but if you have Noa or Izumi (Swimsuit) you should be fine.

Kozaki Ui

Ui is a buffer that only really shines on teams with a Dealer that has an expensive ability. Ui’s EX gives a small attack buff, while cutting the cost of the target’s next two EX abilities in half. Her attack buffs are minimal though, so in most cases you’ll probably have a better student in her role. She’s basically outclassed by Fuuka (New Year) but Ui allows for more dynamic team building since she’s a Striker and not a Special.

Wakaba Hinata

Wakaba Hinata Blue Archive

Hinata is a hammer without a nail. She does a big AoE but ultimately middling damage. Her Sub Skill does bonus damage to Medium (human-sized) enemies. It’s like she’s built for PvP but unfortunately the PvP meta moves too fast for her. She’s too weak to blow up backlines that aren’t Blue armored, and she’s outclassed as an auto-attacker by much better units. She has a niche use for Perorodzilla, but even then she’s more of a last resort than first pick.

Should I Pull?

We’re all probably hurting a bit on Pyros after Mika, even moreso if you rounded out your free pulls to spark in the last banner. The good news is that Sakurako might have a fancy job title as leader of the Sisterhood, but thankfully she’s not Limited.

To sum it up: Only worth pulling if you don’t have a Focus Fire student, then Sakurako becomes a MUST HAVE for Goz raids and possibly future content. The Focus Fire mechanic enables players to direct their students’ auto attacks when they would normally only attack the nearest one.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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