Blue Archive banner 8/1-8/11 should you pull?

Kanna Blue Archive

We’ve cleared the first and biggest hump with Mika. Now we can quit yelling about saving your pyroxenes for her. There’s a few limited banners coming up, but now we’re basically back to business as usual.

Free 10 Pulls

So with our first return banner, it couldn’t be easier to pick up these students. Every day for the next 10 days, Blue Archive is letting players make a free 10 pull every day. That means even if you need to spark once that’s only 12000 instead of the 24000 needed to normally spark.

But are Kanna and Megu worth sparking for? Let alone even rolling for?

Shimokura Megu

Megu Blue Archive

Megu is the flashy chief of Gehenna’s Hot Spring Development Department. She’s the only unit (so far) to use a flamethrower as her primary weapon. Although she stands out, her use cases are pretty limited. She can do some spread damage in PvP, and she can probably help clear the first phase of the Kaiten Rangers, but not much else.

Ogata Kanna

Kanna Blue Archive

Things get a little more interesting here. Kanna is a great addition for Yellow raids… but only Yellow raids. She’s also overshadowed by the wombo combo of Himari and Ako, the meta for raids is still just stacking buffs on one hyper damage dealer and while Kanna’s ability is basically a Yellow Wakamo EX, she’s not generally worth giving up a Special slot that would go to a better buffer. Her DEF down skill is pretty nice though.

Should I Pull?

Both students are good and have certain use cases. But it all comes down to how well-rounded your roster is.

The Kaiten Ranger raid doesn’t come up very often but if you need to clear higher level Bounties and lack students then you may as well try for Megu.

Meanwhile Kanna is solid, but only if you don’t have Himari and Ako (if you have one you can always “rent” the other). She’d also make a good support on a third team in Yellow Raids if you need one.

Important to remember: We’re getting 100 free pulls this banner and they expire so you may as well make a 10-pull every day. Who you aim for is up to you.

To sum it up: Spend your free pulls on whoever you need the most. To that end, we think it’d be Megu. We struggle with the Kaiten Ranger raid since while Red units have a lot of AoE, they’re not often BIG AoEs and Megu might make it a little easier. So spend your free pulls on Megu, if you get her then you may as well round up to spark for Kanna (or Megu if you didn’t get her in your 200 pulls).

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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