Best Mega Kangaskhan Raid counters in 2022

Mega Kangaskhan raid

Another new update is coming to Pokemon Go, so we prepped the Best Mega Kangaskhan Raid counters in 2022.

This week, Niantic announced a change to Mega Evolution. In this update, Mega Pokemon will now benefit from Mega Levels, granting additional benefits each time a trainer Mega evolves their Pokemon. Trainers who have previously Mega evolved their pokemon will have access to the Mega level bonuses once the update rolls out.

After Mega evolving a Pokemon for the first time, any subsequent time you’ll be able to Mega evolve that Pokemon without having to use Mega Energy; however, there will be a cooldown between the time it can Mega Evolve, but that rest period can be shortened by using Mega energy. In celebration of this change, the Mega Kangaskhan raid was announced for the end of April.

At the moment the Mega Kangaskhan raid is part of the Mega Moment Event planned to run in Pokemon Go from April 29th at 10 a.m. local time to May 1st, 2022, at 8 p.m local time. A special raid day will take place Sunday, May 1st from 11 a.m to 2 p.m local time; during that time additional Mega raids will appear and trainers will receive five free raid passes. The Mega Kangaskhan raid aligns with the Landorus raid; both raids grant a chance to find their shiny variation.

Now check out our Mega Kangaskhan raid guide below to learn the best raid counters!

Mega Kangaskhan Raid guide

Mega Kangaskhan Raid Stats

  • Mega Kangaskhan is a normal-type Pokemon.
  • It is weak to fighting (2x)-type moves.
  • Mega Kangaskhan Raid CP is 37140.
  • Mega Kangaskhan Base HP is 233.
  • Its Attack is 246 and Defense is 210.
  • The Base catch CP is between 2112 – 2222.
  • The Boosted Catch CP is between 2640 – 2750.
  • It receives a Weather Boost by partly cloudy weather.
  • Its fast moves can be Low Kick or Mud-Slap
  • Its Charged moves can be Outrage, Earthquake, Crunch, or Power-Up Punch.

Mega Kangaskhan Raid Counters

Going into the Mega Kangaskhan Raid, trainers will need a well balanced team of Pokémon or fighting-type Pokemon. Overall, Mega Kangaskahn is an average Mega Pokemon. The Mega Kangaskhan raid can be easily completed by a team of 3 to 5 trainers; a team of 5 to 20 trainers is overkill but makes for a better completionist bonus.

Using Mega Pokémon such as Mega Lopunny or Mega Charizard will make trainer’s lives easier. Ultimately, you will want to use fighting-type Pokémon if you want to beat Mega Kangaskhan. Be careful, because the Mega Kangaskhan raid can be difficult if using electric, Flying or Ghost-type Pokémon.

Here are the best counters to overcome the Mega Kangaskhan. Some of these recommendations can be substituted out for shadow Pokémon or Pokémon with type advantage or a better move set.

Primary Mega Kangaskhan Raid Counters:

  • Mega Lopunny – Low Kick & Focus Blast
  • Conkeldurr – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario – Counter & Aura Sphere
  • Breloom – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Machamp – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama – Counter & Dynamic Punch

Alternate Mega Kangaskhan Raid Counters:

  • Mega Charizard – Fire Spin & Blast Burn
  • Mega Beedrill – Poison Jab & Sudge Bomb
  • Terrakion – Zen Headbutt & Sacred Sword
  • Mega Gengar – Sucker Punch & Focus Blast
  • Meloetta (Pirouette) – Low Kick & Close Combat
  • Blaziken – Counter & Focus Blast
  • Sirfetch’d – Counter & Close Combat
  • Heracross – Counter & Close Combat
  • Alakazam – Counter & Focus Blast
  • Toxicroak – Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Regigigas – Rock Smash & Focus Blast
  • Mewtwo – Pyscho Cut & Focus Blast
  • Emboar – Low Kick & Focus Blast
  • Darkrai – Snarl & Focus Blast
  • Thundurus – Thundershock & Focus Blast
  • Sawk – Low Kick & Focus Blast
  • Primeape – Counter & Close Combat
  • Landorus (Therian) – Mud Shot & Focus Blast

Additional Resources

For additional Pokemon Go news or raid guides, check out our Pokemon Go section. Will you be taking on the Mega Pidgeot raid before it leaves or wait for the Mega Kangaskhan raid to appear? Don’t forget the Therian Forme Landorus raid expires on May 3rd.

Pokemon Go was developed by The Pokémon Company and is available now on iOS and Android.

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