Atelier Resleriana jiggle physics option are bouncy indeed

Atelier Resleriana might leave some feeling intrigued as it was revealed the title has a “jiggle physics” option that sets the intensity of the game’s female bosom.

Japanese players trying out the game out shared an options screen on social media, revealing a “shaking things system” option:

The option, which had both “standard” and “high” settings, affects the bounciness of the female characters’ chests, helping to make the game more exciting.

The standard setting already has some decent jiggling, so the “high” setting is even more intense.

A video comparing the two settings, with the left side of the screen being “high”, and the right side “standard”:

Additional samples of the jiggling:

Atelier Resleriana is available now on iOS and Android, and a PC release is set to come to Steam in the future.



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