Atelier Resleriana announced for PC and smartphones

Atelier Resleriana

Publisher Koei Tecmo and co-developers Gust and Akatsuki Games have announced Atelier Resleriana, the next main installment in their alchemy RPG series.

The game’s full title is Atelier Resleriana: Wasurerareta Renkinjutsu to Kyokuya no Kaihōsha (rough translation: Atelier Resleriana: The Forgotten Alchemy and the Liberator of the Polar Night).

A release is planned for sometime later in 2023 for Japan across Windows PC (via Steam), iOS, and Android.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a teaser trailer:


The new adventure follows Resna, a novice alchemist. She is an “alchemy geek” with an uncommon love and abundant knowledge of alchemy, and speaks very fast in excitement when it comes to alchemy. Her dream is to spread alchemy, which has now become obsolete, and to enrich people’s lives.


Resna Sternenricht (voice by Saho Shirasu) – A girl who loves alchemy

A fledgling alchemist. He has an extraordinary love for alchemy and a wealth of knowledge, and has the side of an “alchemy otaku”, and when it comes to alchemy, he speaks quickly when he gets excited. He has a dream of reviving alchemy, which is now obsolete, and enriching people’s lives.

Isana Kokoschka (voice by Minami Tanaka) – Resna’s best friend who aims to become the best knight in the kingdom

An innocent beastman girl and Resna’s best friend. From an early age she dreamed of being a knight. She and Resna pledge to each other that they will make their dreams come true, and sometimes encourage each other. Influenced by her blacksmith father, she uses a giant hammer as her weapon. She has a strong obsession with hammers.

Roman (voice by Yuya Hirose) – Mysterious Adventurer

A self-proclaimed “handsome adventurer” that Resna met in the royal capital. He seems to be interested in alchemy and asks Resna and the others to accompany him. He’s a jovial freak, but he’s definitely an adventurer, and he can do anything skillfully.

Saskia (voice by Mamiko Noto) – Resna’s strict yet kind teacher

Resna’s alchemy master. During her travels, she met Resna in a village she visited and taught her the ABCs of alchemy. She has a bright and refreshing personality, but she also shows a strict side when it comes to alchemy. She also has a sloppy personal life, often leaving Resna to look after her.

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