Atelier Resleriana adds a censored Plachta from Atelier Sophie

Atelier Resleriana Plachta

Atelier Resleriana has given Atelier fans another reason to hate it as Atelier Sophie’s Plachta is being added to the game, in a censored version of her outfit.

Plachta was well-known for wearing a highly skimpy outfit in Atelier Sophie and sequel Atelier Sophie 2:

Her fully exposed back and buttocks are now covered up in Atelier Resleriana, as indicated by artwork released on the game’s official Twitter:

Sophie is also coming to the game:

Here’s some short trailers for each girl:

Some are wondering if Plachta’s outfit was censored to try and get the game a lower rating, yet the title already has immense breast jiggle.

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night is available on smartphones now in Japan and will be available on Steam sometime in the future.

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