Analogue Pocket glow in the dark edition announced

Analogue Pocket glow in the dark

Analogue is embracing their inner 80s/90s kid with the newly announced Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark edition – a glorious throwback to better times.

The new Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark edition is made out of “high quality photo-luminescent plastic” that has “phosphorescent compounds” that absorb and store ambient light – thus glowing in the dark.

Here’s a more glamourous look at the device:

Analogue is proudly touting this glorious handheld will actually glow for eight solid hours when the plastic shell is fully charged with light, giving gamers a “unique chalky, starry glow in darkness.”

For those who aren’t still clinging to their Game Boys or are aware of the Analogue Pocket, it’s their take on portable handhelds, specifically the legendary Game Boy. It uses actual FPGA hardware similar to the original Game Boy guts, so you can pop in your old game cartridges.

The Analogue Pocket itself is a beast of a device and a must-own for classic/retro game enthusiasts, check out our thorough review on the device here. This new and limited glow in the dark variant appears to be just that – the same device but with a very glow-y shell.

Preorders kick off on September 1st at 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern via the Analogue website, with a price set at $249.99. Shipments go out on September 5th, and the device will naturally be in very limited quantities.

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