AMD to officially release Fluid Motion Frames technology

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AMD has announced an official release date for the launch of their latest technology, Fluid Motion Frames.

The new AMD Fluid Motion Frames is expected to fully launch this month, on January 24th (via VideoCardz).

Fluid Motion Frames is meant as a competitor to Nvidia’s DLSS 3 Frame Generation, however with the benefit of supporting more games as this is done at a driver level.

This technology also is supported in more GPUs, as DLSS 3 Frame Generation only works on 40 series GPUs, while AMD’s works on its current generation 7000 series and last generation 6000 series. There were hopes of more support, but this seems to be it for now.

Users of AMD cards can enable this feature by utilizing a driver option the company calls HYPR-RX. This new driver is meant to enable gaming features like Fluid Motion Frames alongside the company’s upscaling technology known as FSR.

There are notable benefits for this technology working, as it would be in more games without the need of developers going to implement it themselves. Driver implementations have caused issues for AMD in the past though, hopefully they have managed to work ahead of any potential problems.

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