AMD brings Fluid Motion Frames support to RX 6000 series GPUs

AMD Fluid Motion Frames RX 6000 Series Thumbnail

One of the biggest reveals when AMD finally announced the release of their FSR 3 upscaling technology, which included a frame generation solution to compete against Nvidia. Was that it would be supported at the driver level via Fluid Motion Frames.

While it was great news for expanding the support to more games, there was a limiting factor in that it would only work with their RX 7000 series lineup of GPUs, which is their current generation only.

However, AMD has been listening to user feedback and have worked on creating and updating their drivers to now have this brand new technology be supported on the RX 6000 series GPUs now. Those on AMD GPUs should update their drivers if they wish to use this feature.

This is good news for opening up their technology to more people. In comparison, Nvidia’s DLSS Frame Generation is only supported on their 40 series GPUs due to it being a hardware feature compared to AMD’s software implementation.

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