Warhammer Fest 2021 Day 6 – Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Announced

Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Announced

Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fest 2021 has wrapped up, and the sixth day was all about the Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition.

As previously reported, Warhammer Fest is an annual Games Workshop convention that celebrates all things Warhammer. This includes seminars with designers, tournaments and hobby events, and lots of news and big reveals for upcoming products.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, Games Workshop had to hold a digital version of the event again this year, with 30 to 40 minute livestreams of news and upcoming products every day until May 8th.

The first day was all about Age of Sigmar, and focused on new model reveals for the upcoming Soulblight Gravelords faction, and the contents of Broken Realms: Kragnos, the fourth and final book in the Broken Realms series.

The second day was the first of two streams focused on Warhammer 40k, and revealed the second War Zone Charadon book, Act II: The Book of Fire, as well as some new toys for the Sisters of Battle.

The third day was the Black Library stream, which announced a wide range of upcoming Warhammer 40k novels, as well as a brand new plastic kit for the legendary Gaunt’s Ghosts.

The fourth day, which was originally just labeled as “boxed games,” ended up being all about Warhammer Underworlds, Necromunda, and Aeronautica Imperialis. Highlights included Elathain’s Soulraid, the final Underworlds warband in the current Direchasm season, a new “Book of” faction book for Necromunda focused on Delaque, and a new Aeronautica Imperialis starter box that features Space Marines vs Craftworld Aeldari.

The fifth day was the second Warhammer 40k stream, and showed off the Beast Snagga Orks, new upgrade sprues for the classic Cadian Shock Troops kit, and a teaser video that implies an upcoming Thousand Sons vs Grey Knights box.

The sixth and final day was kept secretive, with its subject labeled as “mystery.” As many people in the community accurately guessed, this mystery was the announcement of Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition. This wasn’t a huge surprise to most devoted fans, as the Broken Realms series is about to release its final book, and the narrative has been building up to a new arc that would make a good place to kick off a new edition.

Details are still scarce, and the stream mostly acted as a teaser more than anything. What we do know is that the new edition will focus a lot of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, seeing as how the past two Underworlds seasons have been based in Ghur, and the reawakening of Kragnos means that this ancient god of destruction is currently rampaging cross the realm after being released from Beastgrave.

There weren’t many details released in regards to rules, though there were a few hints dropped. Most notably, battalions will be getting a major rework, and the designers are trying to encourage more tactical decisions regarding the double turn, as the player that goes second now gets extra Command Points. This valuable resource introduced in 2nd Edition will apparently also have new uses in 3rd Edition, which makes having them even more important than it currently is.

A new edition means new models, and Games Workshop showed off a few new Stormcast Eternals that will supposedly be featured in a big boxed set that launches with the new edition.

Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear is one of the Lords of Azyr, and represents one of Sigmar’s most powerful and trusted generals. This war angel is a master beast hunter, and carries a legendary spear that she uses to strike down the most powerful of monsters.

Yndrasta will be leading a new breed of Stormcast Eternals. The events of Broken Realms: Be’lakor struck a major blow to the forces of Azyr, leaving many Stormcast stranded in the Mortal Realms without the possibility of returning to be reforged upon death. To counteract this, Sigmar and his allies have created new forms of Stormcast armor that have a stronger link to Azyr, ensuring that its bearer has a better chance of making it back after being slain.

The Vindicators are some of the first warriors to bear this new armor. Their spear and shield fighting style makes them perfect for phalanx-like defensive formations. If you are looking for heavier troops, Stormcast Eternals will also be getting the Annihilators. These massive new Paladins wield powerful Meteoric Hammers as one of their weapon options. Their bulk allows them to deal mortal wounds as they crash into enemy lines, and their heavy armor grants them an impressive 2+ save.

While we have seen a sneak peek at the next wave of Stormcast Eternals, their adversaries in the upcoming boxed set are still a mystery. All we have to go on is this quick teaser trailer, which doesn’t really tell us much.

The popular speculation among fans is that this new evil could be The Silent People, a mysterious race of insectoid creatures that live underneath the mountains of Ghur. The Silent People have been mentioned a lot in the past two seasons of Warhammer Underworlds, and the weekly Rumor Engine pics have shown a number of chitinous, insect-like snapshots.

That’s all for Warhammer Fest 2021’s big reveals. Games Workshop mentioned that two more preview events will be held in May, so we will probably know more about Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition in the coming weeks. No release date has been announced either, however new editions are traditionally released in June or July.

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