Adult Swim says no more FLCL anime in the works

Jason DeMarco of Adult Swim noted on Twitter that there are currently no more FLCL anime in the works, following the debut of FLCL: Grunge.

For those not familiar, the original FLCL anime, which aired on Adult Swim back in the day, has since gotten three more shows: FLCL: Grunge, FLCL: Alternative, and FLCL: Shoegaze. The latest, FLCL: Grunge, was criticized for its rather cringeworthy English dub.

Now, Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios senior vice president (of the “anime and action/longform department”) Jason DeMarco has commented (after sharing a rather cringeworthy article) that no new FLCL anime is currently planned:

DeMarco also mentioned that they’ve been “happy with the performance of Grunge and Shoegaze”, despite how little discussion there has been of the shows on social media.

FLCL: Grunge debuted on Adult Swim back on September 9th.



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