FLCL Grunge English dub: “MeToo, Cringe, and Lamesplaining”

FLCL Grunge English dub

The recent debut of the FLCL Grunge English dub had many rolling their eyes as the English dub was laden with the usual nonsense typical of “localized” anime.

FLCL Grunge is part of the “FLCL” series and Jason DeMarco of Adult Swim serves as an executive producer, with the adult programming block seemingly being unable to let go of the show since FLCL’s original debut, which was widely lauded.

Not only is the FLCL Grunge English dub laden with modern day slang that will be forgotten in a few years time, but it also contained a short rant that apparently “made no sense when translated”, so the “localizers” just filled it with “MeToo”, “cringe”, and “lamesplaining”.

Samples of the questionable FLCL Grunge English dub:

Haruko is also prone to uttering Japanese on occasion such as “are” and “ara”.

English dubs are no stranger to horrid mistranslations carried out by those with a political agenda, as Prison School had a reference to Gamergate back in the day when the original Japanese made no such mention.

There’s other nonsense inserted into other shows such as Hajimete no Gal, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, and Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai:

Funimation was usually the source behind this bastardization of the source material, as they would insert their own “hilarious jokes”, equate loli to pedophilia, and inject words such as “misogynist” into scripts.

Localizers in general are not trustworthy either, as they often brag about their horribly mistranslated creations or go on tirades defending the use of inaccurate slang.



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