50% of Diablo Immortal players have never played any other Diablo games before

Diablo Immortal 50% Players Never Played Before Thumbnail

Diablo Immortal started a lot of buzz and backlash when it was first announced back at Blizzcon in 2018. Yet despite all that, the game was able to garner over $100 million in the first 8 weeks since launch.

Activision Blizzard recently released their Q2 2022 financial results on their investor site. They aren’t great on the Call of Duty front, but Diablo Immortal has shown incredible growth for the company. Blizzard’s monthly users went from 22 million at the end of March 2022 to 27 million by the end of the quarter. A hefty boost of 5 million is one of their largest jumps on a quarterly basis.

An interesting piece of information that came out of this was the large number of players who had apparently never played a Blizzard game, let alone a Diablo game before. As they note, “Over half of the game’s player accounts to date are new to Blizzard.” in their report.

While Diablo 1 and 2 were both released before they require players to sign-in a decade ago to access most of their games. It seems that most people playing Diablo Immortal are essentially new customers to the brand. Which explains why despite the major backlash the game got upon its announcement, the release has still seen massive success. As the game has ranked in the top 10 in the US app store since its initial launch.

Activision Blizzard hopes this new influx of players to the franchise will aid sales of the upcoming Diablo IV in the future.



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