That One Time When We Went To Visit A Vtuber Billboard By The Highway

Pipkin Pippa Billboard

Yep, you read that headline correctly! For those who are unaware of what a ‘vtuber’ technically is, they’re people that live-stream content online mostly on either YouTube, Twitch, or whatever streaming service they prefer.

Most times they utilize either a 2d or 3d avatar created by them or commissioned by online internet artists for streams and videos. Their personalities vary as much as you’d expect normal humans to do, but every once in awhile there’s some that stand out per se, and oh boy does the one I’m writing about today do just that.

Meet Pipkin Pippa, a very silly and delightful pink rabbit, with a penchant for schizophrenic rants about everyone and everything being a fed psyop, eating warm gummy bear candy with friends on streams, and generally being quite entertaining.

She has an infectious laugh, yells a lot, and sucks at the videogame called Get Over it to the point where she went midly viral for wanting to shoot up a Wal Mart (in Minecraft). It’s safe to say that she’s no stranger to controversy and/or edgy jokes and the such. She tries her best, though and that’s all that matters. Life is short!

Anyhow, moving on. Earlier last month, I became aware of a certain billboard less than 3 hours from my house, that prominently featured Pippa on it. I thought it was a meme troll job at first, but after multiple people confirmed it with pics and video of them driving by it, I thought to myself ”I just got this new (used) Mustang convertible, why not go on a pippa pilgrimage for shits and giggles?”. So, I did just that!

The voyage altogether took around 3.5 hours to drive there, and 3.5 back to my place. I live 130 miles-ish from the billboard’s location in Sevierville, TN, plus I had to take into account for Knoxville, TN traffic. I had to pass right through there.

The drive however did bring back a LOT of memories of my time on the road as an OTR truck driver from 2004 to 2012. Had to leave the profession due to declining health issues unfortunately.

I wanted to head into Pigeon Forge and drive around to where Dollywood’s at, but I was a bit limited on time and funds too. I know if i ended up in Pigeon Forge, i’d succumb to the nearest tourist trap and would’ve said bye bye to my wallet, so I opted out.

So, in closing, it was a fun trip, and I would recommend coming out and seeing it in-person for yourself, but according to the Twitter user @MisterYura, who commissioned the billboard to be put up, it has since been pulled down.

It was only paid to be up for a month, but a month was all that was needed to turn this whole thing into a legendary, long-form shitpost in the form of a billboard beside the interstate. Complete with Pippa’s smug rabbit-eared face smiling down on you as you pass by on your way to either eat at Checkers (great burgs btw, I ate there!), or the local pancake house from my vids where I was parked at filming and taking pics.

So for a TL;DR version for those impatient folks is as follows:

10/10 would go on the Pippilgimage again, in a heartbeat. Had a ton of fun, plus it got me out of the house, and sunburn on my head from having the top down in my convertible!




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