Waifu Wednesday: Coni Confetti

Coni Confetti

Welcome back to Waifu Wednesday, Niche Gamer’s column where we talk about characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

Ethical Disclosure: The writer of this feature pays $5.99 for a YouTube membership to listen to Coni’s degenerate ASMR.

Coni Confetti is a cute and funny clown VTuber that’s part of Idol’s latest English generation. In true clown fashion she’s a versatile performer, she sings, she acts, she actually plays video games, she comes equipped with massive kusogaki energy, she does it all.

Clown girls are a highly untapped market right now, asides from a spike in “clussy fever” in 2022 not many people are talking about them. Coni describes herself as a “purebred American Clown”, so none of that fake stuff.

On top of having that bratty energy that her fans love, she has a lot of charm points too including floofy green pigtails, being 4’3, fangs, and clown makeup; all of which gives her a clear visual identity.

She has a wide vocal range too and plays characters with voices like the country gal Suni Spaghetti.

Coni Confetti is easily the cutest clown wife and you can check her out for yourself on her YouTube channel here. I’ll let you in on a secret too, that she’s got a member’s only “Reading ASMR” stream coming in a few days.

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