LA Comic Con 2020 Gets Cancelled Anyway Due to Coronavirus Concerns

la comic con 2020

Despite pledging to still host LA Comic Con earlier this month, we’ve learned the annual comics and cosplay trade show has been cancelled this year.

The annual comics and cosplay expo was supposed to go down from December 11th through the 13th, after its original September dates were cancelled. The convention is now set for another year from now, from September 24th to the 26th, 2021.

While LA Comic Con planners were sure they would be able to have the annual convention happen, it seems public health officials wouldn’t let the expo happen.

“Last week on Oct. 7, Gov. Newsom finally gave an update on reopening plans for theme parks, which most people thought would precede event and convention guidelines,” the update on the official LA Comic Con website reads.

“In his announcement, the governor said he had decided NOT to provide reopening guidelines yet for theme parks, and by extension, events. Without guidelines, there is no way for LA County, the city, or event organizers like us to know if the plans and changes we made to be safe will be right, or enough. So with that new direction from the state, we are rescheduling.”

Fans who actually purchased tickets are eligible for a full refund, or a rollover to the 2021 equivalent.

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