Sennheiser Releases the GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset, Features 100 Hour Battery Life

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Sennheiser has released a new, budget-priced wireless gaming headset to complement their crazy high-end GSP 670 wireless gaming headset.

The new GSP 370 headset comes with a smaller and more stripped down frame, a lower price tag – $199.95 compare to the 670’s $349.95 – and somehow a bigger battery. Featured above, you can view a new sizzle trailer for the headset.

As the GSP 670 was the wireless version of the GSP 600, the GSP 370 is the wireless version of the highly-acclaimed GSP 300. It features all the same bells and whistles as the corded version, including its award-winning closed acoustic technology.

Our review for the GSP 670 found the headset to feature an astounding level of audio quality, almost an unreal attention to detail for sounds and music. My only gripe, in fact, was the price tag being a bit high for many budget-minded gamers – so the GSP 370 will likely fill that gap.

The GSP 370 is now available to buy over on the official Sennheiser website.

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