Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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Sennheiser has been a standard for excellence in audio, so when they entered the gaming headset market, I was definitely interested. The company has put out a few wired headsets that have your typical gamer needs – over the ear cans and a microphone for when you’re screaming at your buddies online.

Their latest offering, the GSP 670, is their first wireless gaming headset – and it’s definitely something you should consider looking at. This headset is not your ordinary gaming headset due to its pedigree, and it can even be an option for gamers that are budding audiophiles as well. Read our full review to find out why the GSP 670 cannot be missed!

When I first got my hands on the GSP 670, I was already impressed by its overall form factor. The construction is mostly a rugged feeling plastic, with a solid metal two axis hinge so I really have no fears of this headset breaking or having parts get worn out and busted. You can’t fold the cups in, but they can snap and slide down for differently sized heads.

The cloth wrapped foam on the top provides enough cushioning so once you get the cans around your ears, the weight of the headset really goes away. I’ve had issues with over-ear headsets putting too much pressure on my ears, especially when I only rock it on one ear so I can hear my family calling. I have never had this issue with the GSP 670. This headset is insanely comfortable. Battery life is excellent as well, the set is rated at 16-20 hours per charge.

The cans themselves are closed back, meaning the drivers within the headphones are completely isolated, keeping all the sound inside. The overall construction of the cups is phenomenal, there is no sound leakage and the drivers themselves are, per Sennheiser’s pedigree, the best I have ever heard. Bass never blows out or wobbles, and I am completely impressed with the GSP 670.

I do not put this lightly, Sennheiser typically makes the best headphones, and they knocked sound quality for this headset out of the park. I am a stickler for having audio remain as uncompressed and as unedited as possible when it comes to media I consume, and the GSP 670 delivers this in spades.

The clarity and warmth of sound in the GSP 670 is somewhat overwhelming, especially if you’re used to cheaper headsets and most especially in-ear headphones. Overall sound can come off a bit high, piercing even, a stark difference from most over-ear cans I’ve heard and most especially gaming-focused headsets.

The GSP 670’s high audio tone is simply the superior build and sound of the drivers, to which my ears aren’t used to this wide of a spectrum. To put it into perspective – I used the Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless gaming headset for quite awhile – they had quite a bass-heavy sound, and simply do not compare to the Sennheiser GSP 670.

The dynamic range of audio is staggering in the GSP 670. I tested a variety of games, audio, and film, with the various audio presets as well. The clarity of sound combined with the juicy bass notes just tickle the ear drums. It’s something else, I’ve never had my ears this engaged by such a host of sound. The GSP 670 has opened my expectations for audio quality to another realm entirely. The set pairs via the USB dongle, or bluetooth, and I never had an issue with latency or wireless range.

There is a smart button on the right cup, near the game volume and chat volume wheels. While the latter two let you fine tune the levels of each audio source, the former lets you toggle between app presets, like music, movie, flat, and a treble-focused eSports mode. You can also set this to toggle between 2.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio, which you can also do in its software.

The software that accompanies the GSP 670 is the in-house developers Sennheiser Gaming Suite, which lets you throw an equalizer on your audio. While I’m not sure why anyone would like to do this unless your audio is so compressed and badly transferred it needs saving, but I digress. This software also lets you customize your microphone.

The suite works quite well it has more features that modify the microphone to your environment. These include your standard noise cancellation, gain, but also the potential side tone and even noise gating. The mic is superb, and these settings will get you even better audio recording. Another great feature is when you raise the mic back up, it automatically turns off.

With all the praise I have for the GSP 670, the only negative I can think of with this headset is the price tag – $350. While high-quality, wireless headsets tend to be expensive, gamers tend to be fine with a decent headset so long as it’s a reasonable price. I’m not sure how many gamers will throw down for something this exquisite, but I certainly hope they consider it, or give it a try.

The Sennheiser GSP 670 is hands down the best headset I have ever had the opportunity of listening to, across a variety of media. Sennheiser has packed their masterclass audio design into a wireless headset for gamers, and they ended up creating something nerds like me can use for gaming, music, and movies. It’s just a fantastic headset that I can’t get enough of.

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The Verdict: 9.5

The Good

  • Superior, masterclass audio quality
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Excellent microphone with options that further improve quality
  • Loads of options to customize sound levels, sound effects, and more
  • Extremely comfortable, weight isn't an issue

The Bad

  • Somewhat high price tag may deter some, but it's worth every penny
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