Zelda player wins $10000 golden chicken thigh for KFC speedrun

KFC The Recipe Run Zelda
KFC Zelda “The Recipe Run” logo

One lucky player won a golden chicken thigh trophy valued at € 11,000 (approximately 10,000 USD) for taking first place in the KFC “Recipe Run”.

Kentucky Fried Chicken challenged players to speak to a Goron named Gomo who bears an uncanny resemblance to Colonel Sanders (affectionately referred to as “The Goronel” by KFC).

Gomo Zelda

Players then had to collect 11 herbs and spices out in the wilderness, alongside a raw drumstick. After frying up some delicious chicken, the run was considered over!

French speedrunner Keuss took first place after completing The Recipe Run in only 1:07.800 after first speaking to Gomo.

You can check out the world record run below.

The Spanish side of KFC is famous online for being meme savvy and more than a bit weird; so a Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom speedrun seems pretty on brand for them.



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