YouTuber sent death threats over Guilty Gear: Strive mod

Guilty Gear: Strive mod

The madness of Twitter had led its “morally righteous” contingent to attack yet another person they don’t like, going as far as making death threats.

The new hivemind attack was focused on someone who posted a video containing a fan-made mod for popular fighting game Guilty Gear: Strive.

The YouTuber uploaded a short video which featured a leotard mod for a female character:


They then posted a tweet saying they had been hit with death threats from people on Twitter mad about their video:

The YouTuber has since deleted this tweet, but another YouTuber saved some of the death threats/nonsense sent their way:

Many are familiar with Twitter now being a cesspool populated by the worst types of individuals, “people” who attack and dox others for not agreeing with them or their “ships” of fictional characters.

Death threats are also a common action by these individuals whenever they spot someone or something they don’t like, such as mods that “fetishize/sexualize” women, despite the women in question being fictional.

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