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WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 / Elimination Chamber Results

This past weekend (Feb 18), we shared with you our thoughts and expectations for WWE’s Elimination Chamber 2023. Beyond just our thoughts, we used WWE 2K22 to simulate the matches from Elimination Chamber to see what the AI thought would happen.

Between our simulation and personal expectations, we were able to accurately predict the outcome of all five WWE Elimination Chamber matches and matched the WWE Elimination Chamber results. In case you missed our predictions,  you can head over to our Elimination Chamber 2023 Card & WWE 2K22 Sim Results article.

Before diving into what the actual WWE Elimination Chamber results were, let’s go over our simulated results:


Simulated Results

  • For the Men’s Elimination Chamber match, Austin Theory is the first one eliminated from the match. Montez Ford hits a 5-Star Frog Slash on Johnny Gargano to win the United States Championship.
  • For the Women’s Elimination Chamber, Liv Morgan hits her finisher against Asuka and pins her in the ring.
  • In Edge & Beth Vs Judgment Day, Edge and Beth win via Beth pinning Rhea after releasing a Torture Rack
  • In the Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley match, Lashley dominates a majority of the match. Brock is able to counter a Hurt Lock and hits an F5 before pinning Lashley for the win.
  • In Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns – Roman Reigns forces Sami Zayn to tap out using the Guillotine Choke.

WWE Elimination Chamber Results and Recap

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

Match Order

Liv Morgan and Natalya started off the match. Raquel Rodriguez entered the Chamber third. Nikki Cross entered fourth and proceed to run around like a lunatic.  Carmella entered fifth and attempted to hide from competitors or get easy pins. Finally, Asuka entered last.

Match Highlights

The match had a steady back-and-forth pace between Natalya and Morgan. Before Raquel entered the match, Natalya threw Morgan repeatedly into a chamber to inflict damage. Once Raquel entered she had multiple big spots to show her power. Entering fourth, Nikki Cross wanted to show that the Elimination Chamber was a fun playground. She went after everyone and her defining spot was hitting a cross body off the pod onto Rodriguez, Natalya, and Morgan.

Entering 5th, Carmella tries to blind some of her opponents; however, once Nikki notices her she attempts to run and hide in her pod. As she leaves,  Raquel drives Cross through Carmella’s pod. Morgan then goes on to hit a Sunset Flip on Rodriquez from the top of the pod. However, after getting back up, Rodriquez eliminates Nikki Cross.

Entering the last segment of the match, Asuka comes out of her pod and goes immediately after Carmella. The pace of the match has now increased and seems to be speeding toward the finish. While Carmella is dealing with Raquel, Natalya hits a sharpshooter onto Liv Morgan and Asuka hits a double arm bar until Liv Morgan passes out.

Natalya attempts to hit a sharpshooter onto Asuka but is super kicked by Carmella. Natalya falls to the mat and Carmella pins Natalya. With only Asuka, Carmella, and Raquel left in the match, Asuka and Carmella work together to pin Raquel Rodriguez. With Raquel out of the match, Asuka makes quick work of Carmella utilizing the Asuka Lock to make Carmella submit.

Asuka Wins!

Before going into this match, we expected Asuka to win. WWE 2K22 had Liv Morgan beating Asuka, but that was slightly off. Our prediction was correct at the end of the day.

Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar

Lesnar vs Lashley was a match that focused more on big beefy men hitting big moves and trying to inflict as much pain as possible. To start of the match, Lashley hits two Spears on Lesnar and then went to follow it up with the Hurt Lock.

Lesnar is able to break out and counters with an F5. After the first F5, Lesnar goes for a second 5. Trying to put Lashley down for the count, Lesnar goes to hit a third F5 but Lashley counters with a spear.  Lashley then waits until Brock stands up and locks in the Hurt Lock. Rather than breaking out of the move, Lesnar hits a low blow on Lashley to break the hold so Lashley wins via disqualification.

Once the match is over, Lesnar angrily hits an F5 on the Ref then hits another F5 on Lashley. Lesnar pushes Lashley out of the ring and then hits another F5 onto Lashley to put him through the announcer’s table. Brock then hits another F5 on the ref outside the ring.

The WWE 2K22 simulation had Brock Lesnar winning the match. Before going into the match, we were leaning towards Lashley, setting up a Firefly Funhouse vs Hurt Business Feud.

Judgment day vs Edge and Beth Phoneix

This match, we honestly kind of zoned out on at first. We first started paying attention when Dominik Mysterio interfered with the match causing Beth to fall on the turnbuckle and ring post. With Beth exhausted she goes for a tag. Balor sneaks under the ring and pulls Edge down before the tag can happen. Beth hits a super plex onto Rhea to have both women on the mat.

Beth gets up and pushes Balor into Rhea and then tags Edge in. Edge has momentum since he is fresh. As Edge hits the Edgecator on Finn, Beth Spears Rhea and follows it up with her own Edgecator. Dom distracts the referee and Rhea hits Beth and Edge with the brass knuckles.

Balor goes to pin Edge but Edge kicks out at two. Balor then goes to climb up to the top rope to hit the Coup de Grace. Edge quickly gets up and meets Balor on the top turnbuckle. With Edge and Balor on the top turnbuckle, Rhea and Beth go underneath them to Power Bomb their respective opponent’s partner (Beth on Finn &  Rhea on Edge.)

With Beth outside of the ring, Rhea attempts to hit a ConChairTo on Beth while she is pinned to the steel steps. Beth slides out of the way and hits a Glam Slam on Rhea slamming her to the floor. Edge hits a suicide dive onto Dom outside the ring. This gives Balor a chance to attack edge but Edge counters and hits Balor with a Spear. As Balor gets up, Edge and Beth hit a Shatter Machine (FTR) onto Balor. This leads to Edge pinning Balor.

The WWE 2K22 sim had Beth pinning Rhea; with Rhea facing Charlotte at Mania, there was no way they would have her lose. At the end of the day, the game was able to predict which team would lose.

Men’s Elimination Chamber match for the United States title

Match Order

The Men’s Elimination Chamber started out with Johnny Gargano & Seth Rollins. Shockingly Austin Theory entered the match third and would be the primary focus throughout the match. Damien Priest would enter the match fourth and uses his big frame to take out the smaller enemies.  Bronson Reed entered the match fifth and used his size to crush the smaller opponents. Montez Ford would be the last match to enter the Elimination Chamber and would have one of the biggest spots of the night.

Match Highlights

Theory attacks Gargano first and uses the cage to inflict harm pushing his face between the chains. A. Theory then switches his focus to Rollins to weaken him. With Rollins down, Theory goes back to focusing on Gargano. Theory throws Gargano against the pod. Sick of Theory’s pick offs,  Rollins and Gargano pinball Theory back and forth with hits. Austin Theory then attempts to reunite The Way. Gargano turns him down and Theory then runs for the pod in an attempt to hide. Theory holds the door shut against Gargano but Seth opens the opposite door and slams Theory around. Gargano enters the pod and closes the door; the two then into Theory.

Damien Priest enters fourth and levels everyone. Damien priest hits an Unprettier on Rollins. Then Priest hits a chain of kicks taking down everyone. Priest heads to the top turnbuckle but Seth meets Priest on the top turnbuckle and super plexes Priest and follows it up with a Falcon Arrow.

Bronson Reed enters the chamber fifth and immediately choke-slams Gargano into Seth Rollins. Reed then puts Gargano and Rollins onto his shoulders and hits a Fallaway Slam from the second turnbuckle. Montez Ford enters the Chamber last but  Bronson Reed immediately goes after Ford once his pod opens. Ford comes out swinging taking down Reed then takes on Theory. Ford goes to do the People’s Elbow but is intercepted by Reed. Theory attempts to pick up Reed up onto his shoulders but is countered.

Seth hits a top rope Clothesline onto Gargano, but Gargano swings Reed over using a head Scissors Takedown. Ford attempts to pin Reed but Reed kicks out. Ford and Priest are exchanging blows but then Priest gets the upper hand; Priest attempts to throw Ford but Ford grabs onto the cage and climbs. Once out of danger, Ford continues to climb up the cage and then Cross-Bodies the five other men.

Once most of the men are up and back in the center of the ring, Gargano Superkicks Reed; he continues to stand. Then Ford and Gargano Super-Kick Reed; Reed continues to stand. Finally, Ford, Gargano, and Rollins Superkick Reed causing him to stagger. Gargano hits the Final Beat onto Reed causing him to fall Rollins follows it up with a stomp onto Reed, and then Ford hits a 5-Star Frog Splash onto Reed for the pin.

After fighting with Theory and Priest, Rollins and Gargano sit on the pod together. After they notice each other, Rollins slams Gargano off the wall of the chamber. Gargano counters the Powerbomb and flips Rollins onto the other competitors. Gargano then uses the chamber wall to hit a Tornado DDT. Gargano then hits a slingshot DDT onto Theory.  Priest catches Gargano and hits the Razors Edge. Priest then follows it up and pins Gargano.

Rollins turns focus to Priest and attempts to hit a Pedigree onto Priest but is countered.  Ford hits a Blockbuster onto Priest with the help of Seth Rollins. Ford and Rollins exchange hits and counters. Ford dives over the top rope multiple times taking out Rollins and Theory. Ford attempts to hit the Frog Splash but Theory gets his knees up. Rollins follows up with a stomp. Theory pins Ford.

After the pin, officials call for medical staff to help Ford, opening the chamber. Rollins lines Theory up for the stomp, but Theory counters by trying to hit A-Town Down. Rollins counters and attempts to hit the Pedigree. Rollins aims for the stomp again when suddenly Logan Paul enters the chamber. Logan Paul hits Rollins with the Buckshot Lariat, then hits a stomp of his own onto Rollins.

Theory picks up Rollins and hits the A-Town Down. Theory retains.

In the WWE 2K22 Sim, Theory is the first one eliminated from the Elimination Chamber. Ford may have stolen the focus in the match but didn’t win the title like the WWE 2K22 sim predicted.

Reigns vs Zayn

Romans Reigns enters and heads to the ring first. As he is walking down to the ring, the boos drown out Reign’s music. As Sami Zayn’s World’s Apart music hits, the crowd erupts and is electric. The crowds cheering and singing overpowers Zayn’s music as well. As the two stand in the ring, the crowd chants “Fuck You Roman!” while they cheer for Sami Zayn. Zayn and Reigns lock up with Reigns getting the upper hand each time.

As Sami starts to rally, Zayn throws Reigns over the top rope and jumps over the top rope to hit him. Zayn gets Reigns into the corner and starts to unload punches on top of him. Reigns tumbles to the mat and Zayn does a diving elbow and goes for the first cover of the match.

Roman gets back up and goes to the corner. Zayn goes again for a hit on Reigns in the corner and is met with an uppercut. Sami and Reigns brawl outside the rin. Roman rolls Zayn onto the apron and then hits Zayn with a drive-by.

Despite being down, the crowd cheers “Let’s Go, Sami!” Zayn starts to rally again and gets some chops on Roman; he then attempts to bounce off the ropes but is met with a punch from Roman. Sami takes Reigns down with a Sling Blade then throws Roman over the ropes. Sami punches Roman in front of the fans and then kisses his wife. Zayn climbs to the top turnbuckle but is hit with an uppercut.

Reigns climbs up to meet Zayn on the top turnbuckle, but Zayn hits a Sunset Powerbomb. Reigns barely kicks out after the two count. Zayn then attempts to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb. Reigns counters and picks up Sami and slams him to the mat. Reigns attempts to hit a Superman punch, but Zayn hits an Exploder. Reigns gets back up and hits a Superman punch.

Reigns goes to go for a Spear, but Zayn dodges and attempts to roll him up. Reigns kicks out at two again. As Roman gets back up, Zayn attempts to hit an Exploder on Roman in the corner. He lands it and follows up with his own Superman Punch into a Helluva Kick. Again, Reigns kicks out at 2 again barely. Sami waits for Roman to stand but Reigns rolls outside the ring. Zayn attempts to dive through the ropes but is met with an uppercut.

Roman attempts to do a running Spear onto Zayn against the barricade but misses. Zayn rolls him into the ring. Hits him with a Blue Thunder Bomb and goes for the pin. Reigns again barely kicks out. The crowd starts cheering Olay. Reigns pushes Zayn into the official, knocking the official out. Zayn whips Roman into the corner and hits the Helluva Kick.

Jimmy Uso comes to the ring and Super Kicks Zayn. Jimmy hits the Uso Splash on Zayn. Jimmy puts Reigns onto Zayn but Zayn manages to kick out. Roman talks smack in the center of the ring and Zayn hits him. Reigns yells, “You understand me!” while Zayn is on the ropes.

Sami hits a kick on Jimmy Uso on the apron. Reigns uses the distraction to hit a Spear on Zayn but Zayn kicks out at two. Reigns yells, “I helped you” and smacks Zayn across the face. Sami slaps him back. Reigns Superman Punches the ref.  Zayn Superman Punches Reigns, Reigns Superman punches Zayn. Both men go down.

Paul Heyman grabs a chair from underneath the ring. Roman accepts it. Jey Uso steps between Sami and Roman. Roman tells Jey it’s either him or me. Roman offers Jey the chair. Jey hesitates and Roman snaps at him and takes the chair. Roman pushes Jey. Zayn goes back up and attempts to hit a Spear onto Roman; Roman sidesteps and Sami accidentally Spears Jey. Roman proceeds to hit Zayn with the chair. Then Reigns hits the Spear and pins Sami Zayn.

After the match, Roman tells Jimmy to beat down Zayn. Kevin Owens comes out to beat up Jimmy. Owens takes down Roman and hits him with a Stunner. Jimmy comes into the ring and is met with a Stunner. Owens puts Jimmy through the announcer’s table. KO then grabs a steel chair. Heyman slides into the ring and starts hitting Owens in the back pathetically. Owens drops the chair and hits a stunner on Heyman. Owens steps out of the way for Sami to hit a Helluva Kick.

Roman Reigns retains the WWE Universal Championship.

WWE 2K22 predicted that Roman Reigns would retain the championship but in the simulation, the match only lasted three minutes. Watching this match, you could tell that many WWE fans wanted Sami Zayn to win. Sadly, many knew in their hearts that he wouldn’t since Cody Rhodes already has a title match at Wrestlemania 39.

What did you think of the WWE Elimination Chamber results?

Raw Predictions

With Elimination Chamber being the final PPV before Wrestlemania, we expect that WWE will start finalizing plans. So here are our predictions for Raw 2/20/2023.

  • Bray Wyatt Challenges Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley
  • Logan Paul and Seth Rollins officially start their feud.
  • Damage Control continues to harass Becky Lynch
  • Finn Balor costs Edge the United States Championship
  • KO & Sami Zayn start to collaborate against the Bloodline
  • Bianca Belair and Asuka have a face to face
  • Rey Mysterio vs Dom Mysterio match at Wrestlemania takes first steps.
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