Witcher 3 Status Leaked, Mobile Witcher Spin-Off Planned

Fans of Geralt’s adult-themed adventures in Andrzej Sapkowski’s gritty universe will be happy to know that a clever member of Neogaf’s forums has translated a CD Projekt earnings report that not only describes the current status of their next game, but also a few other interesting tidbits as well.

Concerning the status of the game, the document lays out the following facts:

  • Finished:
    Dialogue lines are closed & implemented
    They are currently recording voice overs for each language version of the game
    The world of the game is completed – locations are finished, all important gameplay mechanics are already implemented
    Graphic assets and animations are nearing completion
    The game can already be played in full
    REDengine 3 supports all 3 platforms
    The physical elements of the collector’s edition are in production
  • What’s left:
    Implementation of the remaining side quests
    Importing voice overs and testing their quality/changing them
    Gameplay testing and balancing
    Continuous work on improving the quality of graphic assets, animations, effects and sounds – this will last until just before going gold
    REDengine3 optimization
  • The reasoning behind the 2015 release:
    Less competition
    Improved effectiveness of marketing campaign targeted at aware gamers and not random gift-buyers.
    Better polished game: the last 20% of time stands for 80% of the game’s attractiveness.
    More new-gen consoles on the market = more customers

As a fan of CD Projekt, this only serves to reinforce the respect I have for them. That last 20% is incredibly important, since it’s that spit & polish that separates a good game from an excellent game. Looking the list over it seems like they are at a point where they feel comfortable about the product; which is something that should calm worried Witcher diehards that might have feared a Dragon Age 2 style fiasco from their favorite European developer.

Also of note, and perhaps even more so, is the tidbit involving their upcoming projects…one of which is apparently a mobile Witcher game.

Witcher comics – digital and paper
Continuous intensive marketing action for TW3
Witcher 3 preorders
Release of The Witcher Adventure Game (board game) – Q3 2014
2 mobile titles: The Witcher Adventure Game and a new multiplatform project.
Together with an external development studio we are working on the multiplatform mobile game, which uses advanced features of tablets and smartphones
We are entering a completely new territory, both in terms of gameplay and business model
Work on the project began over a year ago, independently from TW3 and Cyberpunk 2077.
The game will be announced together with beta sign-up.
Commercial release this year.

Even CD Projekt seems to like the temperature of the mobile market, though I can’t say I see much opportunity there for a big name developer that focuses on storytelling and depth. I remember Bethesda trying to move the Elder Scrolls onto the old Nokia n-gage with very mixed results, so don’t blame me for thinking history might repeat itself.

2015 looks to be a good year for the Polish developer regardless…and even better for CRPG fans.



Carl is both a JRPG fan and a CRPG'er who especially loves European PC games. Even with more than three decades of gaming under his belt, he feels the best of the hobby is yet to come.