Icy psychological horror game Winter Survival gets release date

Winter Survival

Try to maintain your sanity in a harsh snowy environment in Winter Survival.

Winter Survival is set to release February 28, 2024, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

After receiving feedback DRAGO has revamped the title from Unreal 4 to Unreal 5 which allows the team to realize breathtaking landscapes, realistic textures, and awe-inspiring effects.

From the team behind the critically acclaimed Gas Station Simulator, Winter Survival is a battle against the brutal elements of Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Following a lone survivor after the events of an unexpected accident, icy tendrils of winter close in and hallucinations start to manifest.

After a starved bear attacks separating the small group of survivors, it now lurks in the shadows ready to sink its teeth in if found. Explore the wilderness to secure nutrition and supplies. Discover blueprints left behind that will help survivors adapt to the harsh conditions, utilizing them to craft protection against apex predators, nightmare fueled figures, and the ferocious bear that looms in the region longing to track down its prey. Hunting down the forest’s fauna requires knowledge of their behavior and skill.

Three modes will be available in Early Access, Story Mode, Coldwave, and Endless.

Key Features:

  • Survive an Unforgiving Wilderness – Play as an inexperienced survivalist. Overcome the difficulties of baron isolation or perish. Explore the surrounding terrain and withstand its unrelenting challenges. Become smarter, faster, stronger. Kill to eat, learn to thrive, and master the madness that ensues.
  • Fight Against Insanity – The most deviant enemy in a desolate land, is one’s mind. Treat wounds, satisfy needs, or become overwhelmed by fear and horrifying visions.
  • Gather, Build, Survive, Repeat – Venture into the wilderness and uncover hidden secrets and treasures to increase chances of survival. Manage materials to create shelter, stay warm, and hopefully live to see another sunrise.
  • Unearth the Past – Reveal the mysteries of the region, why a local town has been left in shambles, and what happened to the people that used to inhabit this dreary winter land.
  • Hunt and Harvest – Set traps to catch prey, fend off wolves with torches, wield spears, and repel the restless wildlife.
    Endure in Three Game Modes
  • Story Mode – Uncover the secrets of an abandoned town and its people while avoiding a ravenous bear
  • Coldwave – Brave the elements of an ever-changing winter
  • Endless Mode – Test your skills. Take advantage of your surroundings. Overcome.
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