What are the best NFT games in the crypto market?

Non-fungible tokens have become one of the most popular assets in the crypto market. The tokens themselves have emerged as a favourite among crypto enthusiasts because they hold solid value and they can be useful. Games in the NFT world have also become landmark assets for the rest of the crypto ecosystem.

Ever since NFTs entered the mainstream space, they have shown potential to be used not only as crypto-assets but as important parts of other industries as well. NFTs have been used in many spheres but the video game space is usually the spot where they thrive.

When you look at the current NFT space, you will see that games have started their rise. Of course, there will be games that stand out more than the rest of the pack. You can look at any of your favourite Bitcoin casino games but you will see that NFT games have become refined to a similar level due to the support of its market.

It also helps that most of these NFT games are under the play-to-earn model. That is a crucial distinction to remember because players can win their NFTs through gameplay and not just by purchasing them. With that, here are some of the best games that the NFT space has to offer.

Axie Infinity

This game is considered by the majority of the crypto market as the number one game in the NFT space. It is largely inspired by Pokémon because Axie Infinity is also a game centred on taming creatures and using them in battles. In this game, they are called Axies and they are all NFT-based. Each individual Axie has its own strengths and weaknesses which are passed down to the offspring Axie as well.

Since this is contained in the crypto market, Axis can be treaded on Ethereum’s NFT marketplaces. To start the game, players need to have three Axies on their team. For every game mode, they will receive Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as the reward. This is Axie’s native ERC-20 utility token which can then be converted into fiat currencies. People’s eagerness to earn some extra money made the game a huge hit.

Gods Unchained

This is a free-to-play trading card game that is designed to use NFT elements. Players will accumulate cards by buying them from other players or by winning player vs player matchups where the quality of cards and the gaming skill.

Gods Unchained is much more reliant on strategies, especially since there is a ranked game mode where you have to compete against other players. Players will win the match by causing their opponent’s life to drop to zero before theirs.

Battle Racers

With the popularity of games like Mario Kart and F-Zero, the NFT space has its resident racing game with Battle Racers, this brings even more depth to the genre. The players have the chance to mix different parts and weapons to get an advantage on the arcade-sized tracks.

The players can also register their winning or high-value cars on the blockchain as NFTs and sell them for cryptocurrencies on platforms like OpenSea. Players love to create the best cars possible that have the best designs and stats. This game is playable on Decentraland which is a blockchain-based virtual world.

NFT games are a sign of the gaming industry’s future

With the rise of NFTs, the games will continue to improve. NFTs can help the system thrive with the value of these assets working out. The value of adding the crypto market and linking it with Bitcoin casino games already worked out. A relationship with video games sounds even more intriguing and the future of both industries looks bright if they partner up with each other for the long run.


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