Comic website Webtoons removes Get Schooled comic for “racism”

Get Schooled

A south Korean comic (manwha) known as Get Schooled has been banned from comic website Webtoons after users claimed it was racist.

The social media users called out Get Schooled for its portrayal of racism towards Asians that is statistically often carried out by certain individuals.

Here’s one Twitter user complaining about chapter 125 while sharing the “offensive” pages in question:

The official Webtoons Twitter account responded to this tweet by agreeing the comic was “racist”. The comics platform then announced the chapter has been removed from their website:

Many naturally claimed the censorship to be absurd, and the tweet made it evident that the website will remove comics that it personally doesn’t like, regardless of how truthful they might be.

Some critics have wondered if the comic would have been kept up if it labeled white people as racist instead.

Others couldn’t help but realize the irony in the website calling the comic racist when it presents a statistically truthful fact.

There’s a lot of data and evidence pointing to the high percentage that Africans are often immensely racist towards Asians, as evidenced by the increased crime of the one group against the other.

Many seem to forget there was previously an entire “Stop Asian Hate” campaign as well (which died out quickly for obvious reasons), further supporting the comic’s point.

Allegedly, the series is quite popular, and it was purportedly suspended indefinitely in South Korea as well:

Here are some comments responding to Webtoons’ tweets:

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