This week in Warhammer – assemble loads of new miniatures for your Horus Heresy Legion


Games Workshop have previewed the next batch of Warhammer preorders coming soon, and it includes a massive selection of Horus Heresy kits.

As with every Sunday preview, Games Workshop released a short intro video showing off the upcoming releases and what gamers can expect from this week’s round of Warhammer Community articles, Twitch streams, and Warhammer+ content.

The highlight of this week is a massive selection of new kits for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. The Sicaran Battle Tank is finally about to arrive in plastic, phasing out the older (and extremely expensive) resin kit from Forge World.

This plastic Sicaran kit comes equipped with the accelerator autocannon turret, and has the options for 4 different pairs of sponson weapons, and 9 different pintle-mounted guns.

Horus Heresy

The ranged variant of the Leviathan Siege Dreadnought that released several weeks back is also coming. This version of the kit comes with the ranged weapons sprue, which includes a cyclonic melta lance, a storm cannon, and a grav-flux bombard.

The ranged weapons sprue will also be sold separately on Games Workshop’s online store, allowing you to get a few to double up on weapons, or combine them with the melee-focused variant’s box.

The last bits from the massive Age of Darkness boxed set are also being released separately. Players will be able to double up on their Legion Praetors, Cataphractii Terminators, and Spartan Assault Tanks.

The new plastic Contemptor Dreadnought kit is also getting an individual release, and it includes a new weapon sprue including another fist, chainfist blades, a plasma cannon, a conversion beamer, a kheres assault cannon, a volkite dual culverin, and some extra cosmetic bits.

Rounding out the Horus Heresy kits are a re-release of the Tartaros Terminators, head and shoulder upgrade kits for the Iron Warriors Legion, and a repackaged box of Armiger-class Knights.

The latter also includes a new decal transfer sheet with more Age of Darkness appropriate heraldry.

Finally, Horus Heresy fans that aren’t into Space Marines will be happy to see that the Liber Mechanicum: Forces of the Omnissiah Army Book will soon be available.

This will be the first non-Astartes army book released for Horus Heresy, and will include all the rules you need to run your Mechanicum collection in the new edition.

Moving on, the competitive deckbuilding skirmish game Warhammer Underworlds will be getting a new warband. Hexbane’s Hunters are a band of witch hunters from the shadowy Order of Azyr, and feature a very Old World-inspired aesthetic.

Hexbane’s Hunters are an aggressive warband of fanatical zealots that use faith to purge the Mortal Realms of evil, and get bonuses as their allies are gradually picked off during a battle.

Warhammer Underworlds

Speaking of the Old World, Blood Bowl is getting a small release as well. Players of the Elven Union team can show off their elven pride with a themed pitch, dice, and team card pack that brings the team up to Second Edition standards.

The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game recently received a big preview livestream, and some of those new releases are coming this week. These new releases include Glorfindel, Lord of the West, the elite Guards of the Galadhrim Court, and Rúmil and Orophin.

White Dwarf 479 is also coming soon, and includes a new campaign system for Age of Sigmar, new Crusade rules for Necrons, battle reports, and a massive Horus Heresy army gallery.

White Dwarf

Finally, there are several Black Library novels coming this week as well. Warboss by Mike Brooks is getting a snazzy limited-edition version that includes some extra swag.

Besides a special edition version of the novel, you’ll also get Da Grotboss’ Manifesto book, a map, a car window sticker, and 6 teef that are numbered so they can be used as objective markers. This mega edition is limited to 2,000 copies.

Other novels coming this week include Outgunned by Denny Flowers, Dark Imperium: Godblight by Guy Haley, The Wraithbone Phoenix by Alec Worley, Fabius Bile: Omnibus by Josh Reynolds, and Urdesh: The Magister and The Martyr by Matthew Farrer.

All of these items will go up for preorder on August 13th, and will get a full release the following weekend.

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