Warframe announces Lua’s Prey update and new Wolf-themed Warframe

Warframe Voruna

Tennos may now rejoice, the newest Warframe to be added in the game has a really cool design.

Longtime fans are currently going through a weird period, where every Prime release looks very good but the non-prime frames have pretty dull and boring.

However, this does not seem to be the case anymore – during 2022’s Tennocon, developer Digital Extremes showed the first sneak peek of Voruna in an amazing piece of artwork:

Warframe Voruna Concept Art

Plays have been waiting since July to know more about this Wolf-themed Warframe that seems to have come straight from a Darksiders game.

Players will be able to earn her Component Blueprints in the new Conjunction Survival Missions to craft in your Foundry.

You can also instantly add Voruna to your Arsenal along with her signature Weapons and Customizations with The Pack’s Heart Bundle.

Nothing is known about Voruna’s skills yet, the only reveal aside from the screenshot are the contents of Voruna’s pack:

  • Voruna Warframe
  • Sarofang Heavy Blade
  • Perigale Sniper
  • Voruna Anukas Helmet
  • Okuri Tails Ephemera
  • Voruna Voidshell Skin (and Material Structure)

The new Conjunction Survival mode that will be added with the update also comes with some spicy new lore implications:

“Why have these Enemies appeared? What is a Void Conjunction?,” the update teases. “What connection could it all have to the Duviri Paradox? Find out when Lua’s Prey launches on all platforms!”

Warframe is known for is storytelling, usually hidden in plain sight, that lets players piece the story on their own through content.

The Lua’s Prey update may be a new opportunity for the curious Tenno to know more about Warframe’s cryptic and mysterious world. Lua’s Prey is set to launch on November 30th across all platforms.

Warframe has been available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



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