Walton Goggins will star in the Fallout TV series, possibly a ghoul

Walton Goggins will star in the Fallout TV series

We’ve learned Walton Goggins will star in the Fallout TV series, although his main role could be less glamorous compared to other characters.

Goggins will star in the Amazon and Kilter Films-produced series, which is being helmed by showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner. The Fallout TV show just began production last month after years of trying to get the show off the ground.

The news that Walton Goggins will star in the Fallout TV series was revealed by Deadline, who also suggested Goggins could be playing the role of an iconic ghoul character.

For those who haven’t played the Fallout games, ghouls are mutated humans that got prolonged exposure to radiation, as the story is set in post-nuclear war America.

If Goggins’ role as a ghoul is real, it’ll be interesting to see if Amazon uses an existing ghoul character from the games, or comes up with a new character entirely.

Goggins’ tenure as an actor is generally favorable, although most Fallout fans refuse to believe this show will be any good, as Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power spinoff is getting widespread scorn.

My hope is that he is Oswald Oppenheimer, and is literally glowing with radiation. Or maybe it’s just a sick joke from the casting folks because “Goggins the Ghoul” sounds funny.

The Fallout TV show will presumably be exclusive to Amazon Prime video.

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