Waifu Wednesday: Tionishia “Tio” from Monster Musume

Tionishima Monster Musume

Welcome back to Waifu Wednesday, Niche Gamer’s column where we talk about characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

Today’s Waifu is Tionishia or Tio as she’s called by her friends. She’s an ogre girl from Monster Musume.

Tio is a member of M.O.N. (Monster Ops Neutralization), a special team of monster girls who intervene on monster-related crimes and incidents in order to preserve the peace of an integrated society. Tio is the kind heavyweight of the team, who despite being so large is easily the most girly and cuddly member of the team.

When on a mission, Tio wears heavy armor and handles heavy weaponry. She’s the de facto vanguard of the M.O.N. team and supports her team mates with superior strength, toughness, and firepower. But when she’s not on a mission, Tio’s real personality shines through, trading her heavy armor out for cute dresses, hats, and ribbons.

She likes to make clothing as a hobby, though it’s largely a matter of necessity. As an ogre, Tio generally can’t find clothing in store that will fit her. She’s 7’5 and has the second largest chest in the entire Monster Musume series at a P-cup, which makes her second only to Cathyl the Holstaur, and between both those factors conventional sizes obviously won’t work for her.

Monster Musume is an ongoing manga series from creator Takemaru Inui whose past work includes another monstergirl series: 12 Beast. The manga series has been ongoing since 2012, and received an anime adaptation in 2015.

Monster Musume is released in English (and is seemingly uncensored) by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Tio was suggested as this week’s waifu by our reader @Shawnpai619!

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