Waifu Wednesday: Malina

Malina Helltaker

Welcome back to Waifu Wednesday, Niche Gamer’s column where we talk about characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

Today’s waifu is Malina from Helltaker!

Malina is known as “the sour demon” though really it’s safer to say she’s salty. She’s a jaded strategy game player with strong opinions, it sounds like she’s the perfect waifu for most of our usual readers.

Fans like Malina for her sleepy gamer aesthetic, go on Twitter right now and you can find dozens of posts simping for tired anime women in their thirties and frankly that’s valid.

Asides from video games, she’s also a heavy drinker and a heavy cleaner who can’t abide a filthy room.

Feel free to share who your waifu is on our Twitter or Facebook and who knows, we might feature them in a regular Waifu Wednesday post! Malina was suggested by one of our readers.

Helltaker is available for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via Steam). It is free to play.



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