Helltaker Releases Surprise Anniversary Update and Bonus Chapter


A surprise update for the free puzzle game Helltaker has been pushed live on Steam.

Vanripper (Lukasz Piskorz) released the game last year to and achieved an international fan following that has spawned countless works of fan art. The new update was released with little fanfare, just a tweet from the creator to “check out Steam” and a screenshot of the game’s menu.

The DLC features a new Bonus Chapter titled “Examtaker”.

Launching on May 11th, the game is a fusion of visual novel dating sim and puzzle game. You have entered hell for one purpose- to create a harem from cute demon girls.

Play through navigation based puzzles with limited moves, and attempt to reach multiple demon girls at the end. These puzzles can be skipped if you desire.

Once you reach them, you make moves of an entirely different nature to woo the demon girl, based on her tastes. Though you may end up getting killed if you answer the wrong way.

The game is free to play. While concept art can be unlocked in game, players can unlock it all from the beginning and support the developer for $9.99. This also grants the artist’s notes, and a recipe for the game’s chocolate french crêpes.

A rundown of the update can be found below.

  • Added a new bonus chapter to the chapter select. You can go play it right now!
  • Some people said my game was too hard, so I made all the action sequences skippable. However, you still need to win in the old-fashioned way if you want them sweet achievements.
  • Updated the artbook to feature concepts from the new chapter and Beel stream sprites.
  • The update is featuring some sweet new music from Mittsies. If you haven’t already, buy the Helltaker OST on Mittsies’ bandcamp to support the musician! New tracks are already added in.
  • I don’t know what more I can write. Nendoroid Lucifer still available for pre-order?
  • Just go play the update and let me know how horrible it was. Happy anniversary everyone!

Helltaker is available for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via Steam). It is free to play.


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