Waifu Wednesday: Himemori Luna from Hololive

Himemori Luna

Welcome back to Waifu Wednesday, Niche Gamer’s column where we talk about characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

Today’s waifu is Himemori Luna from Hololive! She recently hit the one million subscriber milestone on YouTube.

Luna is a member of Hololive’s 4th generation and debuted with Watame, Kanata, Towa, and of course Kiryu Coco. She’s the princess of the “Candy Kingdom”, which I think is also on the moon? I’m not 100% sure.

The important thing here is that Luna is absolutely adorable, she has heterochromatic eyes that are pastel purple and green, her hair is pink with a blue gradient near the tips, and her original princess outfit is too cute. Luna has since received multiple outfits, including a few with short hair making her look a bit more tough, and Luna is surprisingly rugged.

Luna rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle in real life, and is one of Hololive’s most skilled gamers, tackling games like Dark SoulsElden Ring, and Monster Hunter with relative ease.

So far, Luna has three original songs. Her latest original single “ぐるぐる@まわる@まわルーナ” released just last month. You can check out the music video below.

Not only can she sing, but Luna is also a skilled electone player. Instrument manufacturer Yamaha even collaborated with Hololive to release a Himemori Luna electone, complete with a Luna color scheme with pastel keys and body.

Luna-hime was suggested this week by me, the writer (she’s my holoJP oshi).

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