idolEN debuts today


A new group of VTubers called idolEN will have their debut streams today! The new VTuber group follows in the footsteps of Hololive and appears to be managed more like an idol company than western competitors like VShojo. The new idolEN group called “E-Sekai” features fantasy characters such as a dog girl, a reverse trap Prince(ss?), and even a leprechaun. The debuts start at 12pm PST (that’s 3pm on the east coast) with the group’s resident ghost Yuko Yurei.

You can find the debut streams for idolEN in order of premiere below!

Yuko Yurei

“Yuko hails from the unknown, cursed with the ability to see beyond the veil! An exciting young girl whose life is fraught with danger, the occult, and profit!”

Juna Unagi

“Juna was given an opportunity to live amongst humans. She is still getting used to her newly found limbs, but that won’t stop her from eating whatever she pleases.”

Rin Penrose

“Rin is the self-proclaimed prince (“Not princess!”) of a kingdom in another world. Though she tries to maintain a “proper” demeanour befitting her royal heritage, her true, unfathomable personality always shines through.”

Pochi Wanmaru

“Pochi wants nothing but to stay with her beloved video games forever! With a playful disposition, this dog is sure to bring about all kinds of mischief.”

Fuyo Cloverfield

“Fuyo is a proud wish-granting leprechaun from another world, full of confidence in her magic powers! Her skills seem to be quite questionable though…but she tries.”

The debuts will culminate in a collab stream hosted on Pochi’s channel and you can find it below.

idol Corporation has already had a Japanese generation for a while now, and they’re admittedly a bit late to the EN party behind NIJISANJI, VShojo, Hololive, and more. But here’s wishing these new talents the best in exporting idol culture to the west.



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