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Sakamata Chloe

Welcome back to Waifu Wednesday, Nicchiban’s weekly column where we talk about anime characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

This week’s Waifu Wednesday is another VTuber, the “cleaner” of Secret Society holoX Chloe Sakamata! Chloe debuted as part of hololive’s sixth generation in November last year. This sixth gen otherwise known as Secret Society holoX has a theme of a villain group led by Laplus (La+) Darkness.

Chloe was the dark horse of holoX and immediately gained a following of devoted fans, while she might not be as flashy as Laplus or as mature as Lui, Chloe Sakamata is the master of gap moe. When she was first introduced, she had a stylish orca-patterned mask that made her look like a cool assassin; but when she discarded the mask it became apparent just how clumsy, cute, and weird she was. Rather than being a nonchalant kuudere like we expected, Sakamata is quick to overshare, make mistakes, and get bullied by her chat.

In one of her early streams, she let slip that she dislikes taking baths and won’t regularly take them. This led to a meme in the hololive community that she’s always stinky and needs to take a bath.

What do you think about hololive’s resident stinky fish? Let us know in the comments and also let us know of other characters you want to see featured in Waifu Wednesday!



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