VTuber Riro Ron terminated for ‘dangerous and harmful’ activities

Riro Ron

Idol Corp Vtuber Riro Ron has been terminated from the company after performing activities the company has called “dangerous and harmful”.

Riro Ron debuted earlier this year in February, following up on the success of Idol Corp EN which debuted late last year. Riro quickly became one of the company’s most popular idols due to her gimmick as a “mesugaki” type character.

You can read the announcement from Idol Corp below.

Riro Ron

Accusations against Riro Ron include “soliciting fans during live streamed members content for private offline meetings. This lends credence to Riro’s “Harem”, which many fans considered to either be a tasteless joke or at worst conspiracy theory made up by someone who dislikes Riro. Discussions around this were usually accompanied by this screen capture which may not be authentic.

Riro Ron

Riro’s YouTube channel is set to be shut down on January 1 and fans can request a refund for merchandise and donations.



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