Volta-X Launches Summer 2020 for Nintendo Switch, Gameplay Reveal Trailer


GungHo America have announced a release date for Volta-X, along with a gameplay reveal trailer.

The game allows you to customize giant robots (Voltas) for 1v1 battles, manage their pilots, and build up a base.

Battles take place in real time, against players from around the world. Players command three pilots at once, making sure that systems are operating, and repaired when needed. The game also offers a single-player campaign, and unlockable weapons as you climb the multiplayer ranks.

You can find the gameplay reveal trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via the official website) below.


The World Volta Association is the world’s preeminent robot combat league, where teams from around the globe compete for the championship. Your ragtag crew of misfits is destined for greatness as they outwit, out-customize, and out-strategize all opponents.

As the team joins the upper echelon of robot technology and competition, they learns there’s more to the life of robot pilots than competing against each other.


Volta-X™ is a new strategy game where you take on opponents in intense robot battles. Face off against other players worldwide as you climb the ranks and uncover the dark secrets of Volta-X in gripping story battles.

In battle you’ll control more than just your robot’s moves, you’ll also direct your crew members to run from room to room making repairs, putting out fires, and activating the weaponry to blast your opponents into smithereens. To get the most out of your crew, you’ll need to plan ahead and think fast!

In base-building mode, you’ll get to interact with your crew members outside of the arena. Learn their backstory and build the rooms that make them happy so they can train up.

When you have a team pumped for victory, construct a lab to research new tech and an armory to build new weapons you can take into battle. With nearly endless combinations of robot upgrades, the dream of designing your own battle bot has arrived!

Volta-X launches Summer 2020 for Nintendo Switch.



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