Niche Games Spotlight – Voidigo


Come take a look at our spotlight for Voidigo, a charming roguelike where you fight against void creatures.

Voidigo is a gorgeous title with loads of enemy variety, as well as some incredibly challenging gameplay meant to keep you on your toes.

Sporting in-depth melee combat, precision-based dodges and non-stop action, it’s a roguelike you don’t want to miss.

A vividly animated action roguelite focused on boss hunting. Unleash an array of diverse weapons and powerups to combat the corruption of the Void.

Unleash chaos in Voidigo, a vividly animated roguelite shooter packed with dynamic boss battles, zany weapons, and playful humor.

Select from an array of ranged and melee weapons to combat the looming corruption. Master the art of dodging and stun your enemies with stomps to tip the balance in your favor.

Voidigo’s numerous bosses, corrupted by the void, offer fierce resistance. They may flee mid-battle, giving you a choice: pursue or regroup. However, hesitate too long, and they’ll begin hunting you.

In your battle, collect diverse power-ups for exciting synergies. Trade weapons and resources to customize your playstyle.

There is a staggering amount of content to unlock in Voidigo, as it manages to rival titles like Dead Cells and Enter the Gungeon when it comes to items, enemies, and weapons.

My favorite aspect of the game might be how alive the maps are and how the bosses move around as you fight them, even mimicking the flow of fights from the Monster Hunter series, where you commonly have to chase down bosses as they get weaker.

Before we wrap up, I would like to thank Koffee from our Niche Gamer Discord server, for pointing me towards this title.

Voidigo is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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