Visual novel RPG Stardander School for Witches gets October release date

Stardander School for Witches

Become a witch, learn spells, and make friends in the upcoming strategy RPG Stardander School for Witches.

Stardander School for Witches is set to release October 2, 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

The back-to-school season is underway, and Stardander School for Witches is ready to welcome new students! The school will officially open its doors to aspiring witches on Steam on October 2, 2023. The curriculum will cover years 1 to 4 while the game is in Early Access. Once the game leaves Early Access, it is expected to nearly double in content, where players can follow four young witches through seven years of school.

Stardander School for Witches approaches the visual novel with a unique blend of RPG elements and turn-based combat. However, if witches would rather be more studious, they can opt out of battles in the game without it majorly affecting the outcome of their playthrough.

In Stardander School for Witches, all witches will be expected to make a few critical choices that will affect their training. The first choice witches must make is to choose which elemental group they will belong to, where they can join with like-minded witches. There are four elements to choose from:

  • Fire (Bravery)
  • Water (Intelligence)
  • Earth (Kindness)
  • Air (Creativity)

Along with their elemental group, the choices witches will make, such as which companion they choose, whether or not to partake in combat, and the wands they select, will increase their elemental traits. The traits will make it easier for witches-in-training to study classes and boost the power of elemental spells.

Main Features Include:

  • Colorful Cast: Play as four complex main characters, each with their own reasons for learning magic.
  • The Power of Friendship: Become friends or frenemies with your fellow witches-in-training.
  • Optional Battle System: Recruit your friends to help you battle dangerous Fae in a unique turn-based battle system.
  • Magical Companions: Talk to and form pacts with Fae to gain familiars.
  • Progress Reports: Take classes, learn spells, and pass your exams. Use your power to cultivate magical plants and brew potions to enchant items.


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