Vice News manga hit piece gets nominated for an Emmy

Vice News, who created a blatant propaganda film many considered a hit piece against Japanese manga, was full of misinformation, and also labeled all its fans and consumers “pedophiles”, has been nominated for an Emmy.

The nomination demonstrates that following the corrupt narrative that permeates the West is only awarded and that true journalism is dead.

Back in November 2022, Vice News, which has become an outlet promoting western political propaganda and usual thirst for censoring the “offensive”, uploaded a documentary titled “Inside the Pedophilic Manga Industry in Japan.”

The documentary went on to attack the medium of manga as well as loli erotica, labeling it “child porn”, despite the medium being fictional and containing no actual victims.

Here’s the video, for those who haven’t seen it:

Even now, the so-called documentary has been decimated by a colossal amount of dislikes.

It’s also worth mentioning the comments were naturally disabled to prevent people from voicing opinions that would dare misalign with the video:

What’s more, the video was even blacklisted in Japan, preventing Japanese denizens from even viewing the video, or fighting back against the slander against them and their culture (no doubt another instance of “celebrating diversity”). Here’s a look:

Though the video calls drawn fictional erotica of underage characters “child porn”, it still shows some (non-explicit) of the actual erotic manga in question, which is a federal crime, if the content in question were actual child pornography. This act also potentially endangers those who live in certain states.

The slanderous video took issue with not only nude loli erotica, but also non-nude loli art. One critic present in the video called the erotica a “violation of human rights”, and is seemingly unable to differentiate reality and fiction.

Somehow hoping to bolster its point, the video also interviewed a convicted pedophile, who blamed manga and erotica, even though it was his inability to differentiate reality and fiction being responsible.

The video also interviewed a member of Japan’s Assembly, Minoru Ogino. Ogino supported the rights of creative freedom in the video and believed loli erotica should not be banned.

Ogino also accused Vice of making him look like “yakuza”, as their interview was recorded in a bright room, but the footage was made to look darker and more sinister.

The Vice News journalist in the video noted that “sexual crime against children is increasing in Japan every year.”

The Vice staffer also providing a chart in the video while trying to connect this with loli erotica, even though the material has existed for decades:

The journalist also recorded the inside of an ero-manga store without permission (since the owner didn’t consent to it), potentially breaking the law.

Completely defeating its own point, the video has the journalist also admitting there are no studies that factually link loli erotica to people committing actual assaults on children – though, there are actual studies proving that such a link doesn’t exist:

One individual uploaded the Vice News video to Nico Nico Douga, the Japanese equivalent to YouTube, to allow Japanese citizens to witness this absurdity – the video was eventually removed by Vice News:

Even though the documentary included a wealth of misinformation, falsely linked this information to loli erotica, had people in the video possibly breaking the law, purposely doctored footage to put a Japanese politician in a bad light, limited comments to prevent discussion, and the fact there are several studies refuting its accusations – the video was still nominated for an Emmy award:

This is perhaps a further demonstration of the West’s attempts to propagandize the nation – ignorant Western “news” sites and so-called “activists” slander the harmless medium of fiction.

All the while these news outlets also hypocritically support actual pedophilia (as indicated by several articles published by Vice News in the past), and then get rewarded for their “bravery”:


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