Vice News “documentary” that slandered anime/manga industry wins Emmy

Vice News

The lie-filled documentary made by Vice News that slandered Japan’s freedom of expression, manga industry, and labeled its consumers child abusers has won an Emmy.

The creator of the documentary, Hanako Montgomery, revealed in a tweet last month that her work earned her an Emmy:

To likely no one’s surprise, the hack “journalist” even limited replies to further suppress any remarks that went against her narrative.

For those unaware, the video was uploaded to YouTube, where it was bombarded with dislikes due to its abundance of misinformation:

The purpose of the video was to analyze Japan’s manga industry, but it inevitably ended up calling the industry “child abuse” due to the abundance of young anime characters that are often put in adult situations (even though they are fictional).

The video was also blacklisted in Japan, which stopped Japanese users from viewing the video and preventing them any means of fighting back against the arguments being made against them and their culture.

The video even partially shows the “child abuse” in question, which is a federal crime (if the content in question were actual child pornography).

The documentary even recorded inside a Japanese shop without its permission, and also slandered a Japanese politician.

Despite all this, Vice News has hypocritically supported actual pedophilia, as noted by their past articles and videos:

A more thorough summary of the documentary can be read via another NicheGamer article.



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