Varvarion DigiGameExpo2021 Gameplay Trailer


Polygonomicon has shared a new Varvarion gameplay trailer, showing off more of their high-speed anime-action game.

As previously reported, the game is inspired by 80s and 90s fantasy anime; as players control savage barbarians, orcs, and cat girls in lightning-fast sword 3D action brawling.

The one man developer had previously stated their goal was to make a skill-based game that felt like a playable anime sword-fight with acrobatic jumping and flipping- 1 on 1 or with multiple characters and enemies. While in development, the game will support split-screen and online multiplayer.

The newest gameplay comes from DigiGameExpo2021, and shows us some of the character names, an overworld map (suggesting some open-ended choices in what order you tackle missions), and plenty of action. The player characters are also shown to have access to ranged attacks of varying speed, sure to keep players on their toes. Subtitles for the cutscenes have also been provided.

You can find the DigiGameExpo2021 GamePlay trailer below.


You can find the rundown (via the official website) below:

VARVARION is a 3D sword fighting action game currently in development, which puts you at the center of playable, anime-styled sword fights. Flipping and dodging to evade ferocious attacks, parrying at the last possible split second to reposte with a deadly blow, and doing it all with the style and flare of an anime battle; this is what VARVARION is setting out to achieve.

Another goal is to support a wide assortment of combat situations, ranging from 1 on 1 duels to group melees.

VARVARION is being developed to balance tactical, Fighting game-like skill with the wide variety of combat scenarios found in Action games.

Varvarion is currently in development for Windows PC.

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